CEO of major global corporate to be Marlow FM guest


Really chuffed to be able to announce that my guest, along with co-presenter Mike Duckett  of , for our next show on Marlow FM at 2pm on 20th December will be the CEO of a major global corporation.

He (and yes, it’s he, not she) will be talking about his business, how long he’s been running it, how they deal with their major supply chain challenges, how they’ve dealt with the attention of animal rights campaigners and much much more.

The bad news is that his security people have made us sign a non-disclosure agreement, so we can’t announce in advance who it will be – they really don’t want the studio mobbed by those who either love him or hate him.

You can listen live via the Listen button on the top right corner of the page at .  If you’re local to Marlow you can listen live on 97.5FM.

You can also email or text questions during the show and will also be able to phone in while we’re on the air to chat with him & ask your business related questions (please only phone while music is playing so we can chat to you prior to putting you on the air).

We look forward to entertaining you with some real business insights from the man who is undoubtedly the global number one in his field.  Enjoy.

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3 Responses to CEO of major global corporate to be Marlow FM guest

  1. Jennie says:

    Well done you! Trust it will go well. In a meeting Thursday pm however will hope you have a ‘listen again’.

    best, jennie

  2. Hi Jennie – forgot to advise – the Christmas show is live at – worth a listen, though I say so myself!

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