So what’s this CSR thing all about then?

The radio show on last Thursday was fun.

Mike Duckett of co-presented with me as usual, and as usual we had a good chat before talking to our guests for the show.

Given the interest that both Mike and I have in sales, the link at is on how a sales person can influence a decision by a buyer simply by carefully choosing how hard a seat they sit on.  Have a listen – you might learn something useful!

Another way of influencing people is by having appropriate receptacles in which to serve food – confused?  Have a listen at – all will be revealed.

Bekki James and Sharon Cook of were our guests on the show, to talk about Corporate Social Responsibility and how 4C helps both businesses and charities to make that happen.

So what is CSR?  Have a listen at to find out.

And what if you’re not Mega Corp plc, with deep pockets & thousands of staff?  The clip at explains how even one man (or woman!) business can not only get involved, but can themselves benefit in tangible ways from that involvement.

Hope you enjoy the clips.  All feedback welcomed!

Oh, and by the way, we’re negotiating for a really serious guest on 20th December – he runs a massive global enterprise with phenomenal supply chain challenges – do make sure you listen in!

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