So – who is best – Reading, Manchester United or Enterprise Doctor?

On Saturday afternoon the answer about Reading and Man U was answered in a brilliant game – if you’re not aware of what happened, read about the “remarkable 7 goal thriller” here .

On Sunday morning, the mood at the Madejski Stadium was a little more subdued, the crowd a little smaller.  In a first for Berkshire, Get Berkshire Active (see here for more on them) used the services of Steve Woolland of wctd to organise a full day of networking, training and sharing of best practice for sports coaches from across Berkshire and beyond.  For an insight into some of Steve’s work for them, have a look here .

I had accepted the challenging role of getting the coaches into the right frame of mind for the day, making them want to do things better, to run a better sports club, to better manage their people and their members, as well as managing “up-line” in some circumstances.

I have done a presentation a number of times before, at networking groups, at a regional AGM of the FSB and even (somewhat dauntingly!) at a meeting of the Chartered Management Institute.  That presentation, which usually goes down quite well, is entitled “How to improve your business”.

But these people were not running businesses, they were sports coaches.  True, some of them ran their own coaching or personal training business, and some of them recognised that a sports club is in many ways no different from a business.  So, I set about changing my standard offering to be more appropriate to the audience I’d be addressing.

And how did it go?  Well, if you have a look at my Twitter feed @enterprisedoc you’ll see what I re-tweeted from participants.  For a broader view you can search Twitter for #coachforum – some great comments there.

From my perspective, it went pretty well.  I feel I really motivated some great sports coaches to think a little differently about what they do.  They are often focussed on how they can help their members to be their best – I helped them to focus more on how they can be their best, to better help their members to achieve.

So – who is best – Reading, Manchester United or Enterprise Doctor?  Well, I guess it depends on the criteria, but if it’s motivating a group of coaches on a very cold Sunday morning, I’d say Enterprise Doctor!

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