How to build a company & sell for £200m. And then what?

Mike Clare was the guest of Mike Duckett of myself on our most recent show on , and what an interesting guest he was.  Mike is the former owner of which he famously sold for around £200m, and is now Executive Chairman of and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of .

Having delved into start-ups in previous shows, we wanted to look at the other end of the scale, selling a business.

Given that we don’t just throw these shows together (!), there was a flow to the discussion and you can follow that flow through the links below.

Mike speaks first about his first steps into the bed business (and what he did before that) here and reveals some of the secrets of his success here .

A key part of being successful is hiring and nurturing the right people.  Mike explains how it was important for him to know if the candidate was wearing a cap or on drugs.  Confused?  Have a listen here .

Perhaps the key question is “Why sell a successful business?” – hear Mike’s answer here , as well as why he didn’t sell it sooner.  What makes it the right time??

Having never sold a business, how do you go about doing it?  Who should be your advisors?  How do you know you can trust them?  Hear how Mike did it here .

So, there you are with £200m in the bank and no job.  So, what do you do now??  Your answer may well be different to Mike’s but hear what he had to say here.

We hope you enjoy these clips – as always, constructive comments are welcome!

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2 Responses to How to build a company & sell for £200m. And then what?

  1. Perseverance! Many times the founder(s) will wonder if he has made a big mistake…. keep going because the nuggets come and keep you stoked! Of course one needs a value proposition that appeals… then the might to make it known and so the hunt for customers takes off!
    We need more entrepreneurs and a lot more support! Good to listen Mr. Clare, great guest spot MarlowFM. Cheers Chris Rayner (Marlow Bottom).

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