How inspiring!

Having been around the block a couple of times, I do have to admit that I get a bit jaded sometimes.

So, how inspiring was it to have two guests on the show at last Thursday who are bright, young, enthusiastic, and at the very beginning of their journey through professional life?

Answer – very!

Rebekah & Sarah Ghent are High Wycombe based twins who have sought and are receiving help from The Princes Trust, first to make sure they really do want to start a business and then to explore how viable their business idea is.  To find out what happens, we (like they) will have to wait and see – the business is soon to be launched!

To hear about how they engaged with The Prince’s Trust, have a listen at . explores the idea of internships and the first steps the twins took towards seeking help.

For some conversation around who The Prince’s Trust uses as Business Mentors, have a listen to .

To hear what a Business Mentor is doing for their business, listen to .

Finally, Mike and I do sometimes have a little conflict on air – regular listeners will know what I mean!  To hear why conflict within a business can be a good thing, have a listen to .


We hope you enjoy these clips – I can get the whole show to you if you wish – let me know if you want that to happen!

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