So, I was wrong!

Well, last week on the radio show on we had Leo Sykes as our guest.

I was delighted that I refrained from calling him Leo Sayer for the whole programme, but I, like my co-presenter Mike Duckett of did both make a different mistake.

OK, we could argue that the company description “Insolvency Practitioner” does tend to imply that they help people move gently into insolvency in a calm and ordered manner – a bit like the Dignitas of the financial world.

Through the course of the programme though, we discovered that much of the work that they do is more like BUPA than Dignitas!

Why did we not know that before?  Well, mainly because saving a company is not something that the owners generally want publicised to staff, suppliers or customers – they’d rather keep that quiet & just keep on trading.

You can hear what Leo had to say about that at and you might also want a quick listen at to hear why there are less insolvencies in a recession!

Finally, do you put your mobile on the desk when you go in to a meeting?  Don’t!  Why not?  Go to to find out!

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