How many careers have you had?


Just a short blog to let you know that the theme for Biz Buzz on at 2pm tomorrow (Thursday) is Career Changes.

This is all about having one career after another, which does of course follow on nicely from Mike’s theme a fortnight ago (I was on a beach – lovely!) which was Portfolio Careers, or doing many things at once.  If you missed that show, you can ‘listen again’ at – well worth the time and effort, even if I am not in it!

Our guest from 2.30 onwards tomorrow will be Doug Cannon of Keep it Running.  At the moment he’s a gas engineer, but you’d be amazed at what he was before that, and before that, and before that!  Listen to the show to hear more – if you’re local it’s on 97.5FM, if you’re not you can listen online via the button top right at .

As always, the final half hour will be a Q&A from our listeners – you can email us via , text us via 07900 975 975 or call us on 01628-488975 with questions, ideally ‘on topic’, but any business questions are good to receive.  If you do phone, please do it while the music is playing so we can answer your call!

For more about me, see , for more about Mike, see .

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