Restaurant, solicitor or G4S – Supply Chain Management is indeed for you!

Well, Thursday’s programme on did indeed go well.

Hugh Williams of was a great guest.  He gritted his teeth while Jim Hetzel of and I talked from our amateur perspectives, but at the allotted time we let the expert loose on the subject!

For links to four sound bites from the show, which are all worth a listen, please do go to .

I think for me the most interesting outcome was the way Hugh described how he likes to get people who did not consider the concepts of supply chain management to be relevant to them, or at least did not think in those terms, to change the way they thought about their businesses.

I have always felt that much that we learn in business, particularly on training courses, comes under the category of “I already knew that, but the way this was structured and formalised has helped me to re-think how I apply it to my business, so that I can now do it by design, rather than by intuition.”.

For me, many a business “out there” could do worse than to have a think about their business with the mindset of a supply chain manager.  I wonder – what would you change about your business if you gave that a try??

Do let me know if you have an epiphany!

P.S.  I’ll be away for the next show but Mike Duckett of is lining up a guest presenter to replace me (irreplaceable though I may be!) but he has a great guest lined up too.  Penny Mallory was a champion rally driver and is now a motivational speaker, an event host, a TV presenter and more (see for info) so as his guest on 2nd August she will be able to talk with some insight on the theme for that programme of Portfolio Careers.  I’ll be back on the air 19th August – already looking forward to it!

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