Supply Chain Management – it’s for EVERY business


I used to think that Supply Chain Management was just for the likes of Ford or Tesco.  Hugh Williams of has convinced me I’m wrong (a rare thing to happen!) – it’s for pretty much every business.

A restaurant?  A solicitor?  Yup.  It’s even relevant and of value to !!

Want to know more?  Well, Hugh will be the guest on Biz Buzz on from 2-3.30pm on Thursday 19th July – you can listen live on 97.5FM if you are local or by using the “Listen” button on that website so long as you are on planet Earth (and have internet access).

If you want to beat everyone else to it, Hugh is also guest speaker at the IoD that morning at in Aylesbury talking on the subject of “Supply Chain……..So What??”.  Details at—hartwell-house-networking-breakfast-club/default.aspx if you want to go.

Mike Duckett of will be away so I am delighted to have Jim Hetzel of as guest presenter on the show.

Can you think of any songs to go with our theme for the day of Supply Chain Management?  I have 6 lined up already – you’ll have to listen in to hear what they are!

I do also want to do a quick mention about the show on Thursday 2nd August.  It’s a bit of a bad news / good news mention.

The bad news (for you) is that it’s my turn to be on a beach – sunny Spain beckons!

The good news is that not only is Mike lining up a guest presenter to replace me (irreplaceable though I may be!) but he has a great guest lined up too.  Penny Mallory was a champion rally driver and is now a motivational speaker, an event host, a TV presenter and more (see for info) so as Mike’s guest on 2nd August she will be able to talk with some insight on the theme for that programme of Portfolio Careers.

We love questions from our audience – email them to us via with “Biz Buzz 190712” or “Biz Buzz 020812” in the subject line as appropriate.  You can also phone the studio while we are on air on 01628 488 975.  Please call while music is playing – we can’t answer the phone & chat on air at the same time!

Enjoy the shows – please do contribute to them as well as listening and please do give us your feedback.

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