One down, lots to go

So, almost a week ago was my first broadcast as co-presenter on Biz Buzz, the daily business show on , alongside Mike Duckett of and with our guest Jim Hetzel of .

My thanks to those of you who have enquired – the show went well.

I focussed on managing the desk, while Mike focussed on keeping the conversation flowing and on questioning our guest on his specialist subject, search engine optimisation – we’ll be swapping roles when next on the air on June 21st.

I found my role very challenging from a technical perspective – three screens to watch, lots of knobs, buttons and sliders, a variety of rules to follow (e.g. thou shalt not miss the news) and guidelines (don’t mention my own business, keep talk/music split at 70/30).  There were a few tiny chunks of “dead air”, but for a first go I’m pretty pleased with how I did and that I was also able to chip in to the conversation from time to time.

Very grateful that Mike never posed the question “And what do you think Mark” as I may well have been more focussed on the desk than on what he was discussing with our guest!

The last third of the programme gave listeners the option to phone/text/email us with questions for the three of us in the studio.  I’m sort of thankful that no-one phoned – that would have opened up a whole new set of buttons to press!  Feel free to phone in next time – it will be Mike’s problem!

We did get plenty of (legitimate) emailed questions, some of which we read out & addressed on air.

We had lots of fun, and I really enjoyed the freedom to choose the music – AC/DC, Beatles, Keane, Auburn and of course Elton John.

If you want to get a flavour of the programme, you will find links to three short excerpts at .

We’ll be back on air at 2pm on Thursday 21st June when our theme for the programme will be start-ups (only one guess which Rolling Stones track will kick off the programme!) and growing business.  Our guest will be Brian Bower of – a new Marlow-based business.  Among other things, we’ll be talking to him about the transition from working in a senior position with a massive retailer to being a partner in a one-site business, where (if anywhere) he got help and what he knows now that he wishes he’d known a few months ago before starting up!

On that topic, we’d love to hear from you what you know now that you wish you’d known before you started a business.

If only this were paid work!!

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5 Responses to One down, lots to go

  1. Leo Sykes says:


    Caught part of the show. Very impressive for a first run.

    Kind Regards

    Leo Sykes

  2. Leo Sykes says:

    Well you know where to call if you need any expert opinion on Insolvency & Recovery matters.

    Good luck.

  3. click here says:

    Just discovered this site through Bing, what a pleasant surprise!

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