On the radio – ooh ooh ooh

No, not the lyric voiced by the late great Donna Summer, but me.

Following being a guest on Biz Buzz, the daily business programme on Marlow FM (hear some clips at http://www.enterprisedoctor.co.uk/in-the-media ) together with Mike Duckett of Coaching for Success (see http://www.coachingforsuccess.co.uk/ ), we’ve been chatting with Marlow FM (see http://www.marlowfm.co.uk/ ) about presenting a show ourselves.

The deal is now done – Mike & I will present Biz Buzz on alternate Thursdays, from 2pm to 3.30pm, starting in 8 days time on Thursday 7th June – you can listen on 97.5 if you’re (very) local or if you’re a tad further afield you can listen at http://player.marlowfm.co.uk/ .

So, what will you hear.

Each show will have a theme – the first is on the use of the internet in business.  For the first half an hour Mike & I will chat about how we use the internet, how others do, some of the pitfalls of doing so and some of the ways you can increase your bottom line by using the internet in the best way for your business.

For the second half hour, we’ll chat with a guest – details of our first guest to to announced soon.  That guest will be an expert in one facet of the internet and we’ll chat about what they do, how they do it and more, including some words of wisdom for businesses listening to the show.

The final half hour will be thrown open to you, the listener, to phone in with your business challenges which Mike and I, together with our guest, will address.  Mike & I both have considerable experience helping businesses and business people, so you can phone text or email the studio for instant answers to all of your challenges.  Well, we’ll do our best!!

Interspersed through the show there will be music, some chosen by Mike & I, some by our guests and some by listeners.  We’d like to hear from you NOW with music suggestions for the first show on the theme of “Business”.  ‘Money’ or ‘Money Money Money’ are too obvious – please try to be a little creative!  You can suggest songs by commenting on this blog or by emailing studio@marlowfm.co.uk (making clear that the email is for the attention of Mark & Mike).

We really want the show to be interactive – please do help make that happen!

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2 Responses to On the radio – ooh ooh ooh

  1. Paul Butler says:

    I’ll interact with you Mark 😉 Hope it all goes well for you and Mike.

    I’ve noticed quite a vibe about the amount of confusion so much opinion causes. Particularly regarding social media marketing. Whereas a few years back client’s spoke of a smoke & mirrors effect relating to on and off-page search optimisation, now there seems to be a cloud of mist around social engagement and of course measurement techniques for commercial business users. Less is more as I always say…

    Personally I’m always interested in learning something new. There is an awful lot of opinion out there though. Perhaps it’s an idea to focus on news and information rather than more opinion.

    Just a thought. What’s your opinion? (hehe…!)

    Paul Butler
    @psjbutler | @wycombefootball | @theBWagency

  2. Thanks for the wishes and the comments.

    There is definitely too much opinion “out there” – the challenge is filtering the stuff which is of value. Hopefully, our show will be filtered in by people, not filtered out!

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