So – where were you?

Mornin all.

My question relates to Bucks based business, almost all of which missed an event yesterday.  If you’re not in Bucks, I’m sure there are similar opportunities on your patch, so you might want to read on anyway.

The event in question was the IoD/BBF jointly organised “Buckinghamshire MPs Business Briefing” held in Aylesbury.

Present were all sorts of interesting people, including David Liddington MP (and Minister for Europe), John Bercow MP (and Speaker of the House), Dominic Grieve QC MP (and Attorney General) and Steve Baker MP (my local MP and, imho, a cut above many an MP).  They were there to brief us on what they think is important to business, but also to hear from us what we want/need/expect from our MPs and from the government.

If influencing such people, and networking with them on a 1-2-1 basis over lunch, was not a good enough incentive to attend, how about the opportunity to influence / network with Alex Pratt (who has way too many important roles to list here) or Martin Tett (Leader of the Council of Bucks County Council) or any of the other important people there?

And how about the perspective of a standard business networking event?  I chatted with people I know (Hi to Hugh, Rosie, Philippa, Lynne, Jim and others) and more importantly, I chatted with people I didn’t, but now do.

So the big question is, why were there only about 40 businesses there, when hundreds (if not thousands) were invited??

I guess my answer is rhetorical, but you can comment if you wish!

If your answer is that you didn’t know about the event (and you’re from Bucks)  then I really would recommend going to and signing up (it’s free and no, I’m not on commission!) – knowing about and being invited to events like this is just one of the good reasons for joining.

You could of course have had better things to do, had a prior engagement, had something urgent crop up.  My reason for blogging this is not to give such people a hard time, it’s to make more people aware that such opportunities are ‘out there’.

I hope to cross your path at such an event some time in the future.

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