Hello world!

Well, I’ve finally done it.  I’ve entered the world of blogging!

Most blogs I read are something of a rant.  I’m going to try not to be like that, but will start with a whinge and a question.

Much of my business day is spent calling people on behalf of clients.  Probably a good 80% of my calls get me as far as a voicemail, or perhaps a real person, but the wrong person.

I always leave a message – it says who I am, it says why I’m calling, it asks them nicely to call me back.

So……. why don’t they??

I do try really hard to make my calls appropriate and to people who have a real potential to use whatever I’m selling (why would I want to waste my time with people for whom that’s not the case??).

Maybe they get hundreds of calls & just can’t call back.  Maybe they just don’t care. Maybe they find it amusing to have me call 3, 4 or perhaps 5 times before I give up.

Why not just give me a quick ring, or ping me a text (I usually leave my mobile number) to say “Sorry, not interested”.  The result would be that I’d devote my time elsewhere and they’d get no more messages from me.

So, am I being unreasonable, or are they??

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8 Responses to Hello world!

  1. I’m sure you recieve many calls too. Do you always return the call? I am famous in my company for being willing to ‘talk to anyone’ who calls. In fact it is a source of some amusement with colleagues. I find this attitude nausiating as I know people have jobs to do and I have an inbuilt help clause in me. Maybe it is because I don’t want to miss an opportunity. However I rarly ‘buy’ as my budget is limited.

  2. Paul Butler says:

    No Mark, but this is an age old problem and something sales professionals and marketers have had since the creation of the telephone, and email for that matter.

    Look at it from the other side of the fence for a sec. I don’t mean compare the amount of messages left or emails received, I mean look at how you – we – all of us tend to react when we receive a message.

    Not sure about you but the first thing I look at is DO I KNOW THE CALLER (EMAILER)? Then if it’s a case of yes, then it’s – from previous experience “Do I read / listen now or later?”

    If I don’t know the person then personally it goes to the top of my list but then that’s me. I know many will simply press the delete button. But then is that because I’m a natural sales person? I think it is. Perhaps that’s the answer. If we sell to sales people then we have a higher chance of receiving a call back or at the very least having our messages read/ heard – Question?

    Whether we realise it or not we all priorities our activities from the moment we open our eyes to bed time when we close them again. Depending on our work load and the role we play within a company will determine how many messages we receive. I even know one person, very high up in a large global organisation that decides how what to do by asking the question “Am I being asked to do something? If not then the message gets binned”.

    Harsh I know but that’s the reality for some.

    For those that aren’t aware, I’ve know Mark for a long time. He is a good, honest, decent man and someone I trust. If he says he can help then it’s worth listening to what he has to say.

    Just my thoughts on the matter.

    • Paul – as always, you speak much sense here.

      With regard to your personal comments about me, you’ve made me blush! Thank you.

      I do accept that the recipient of my message may be busy and does not yet appreciate the value of my proposition.

  3. nicolamenage says:

    Hi Mark, Congrats on your first blog…good to get it off your chest..the rant, that is. The message on my ansahone has to be really tantalising for me to call someone back if it isn’t a new client enquiry. It al comes down to a matter of time and priorities, I agree with Paul.

    • Thanks.

      I know you are all correct – I don’t really expect to get anything like a desirable callback rate.

      It would just be nice if they did.

      When people do (it does happen) I do make sure they know that I’m grateful.

  4. John Flagg says:

    Cold-calling by phone has always had it’s difficulties. There was a time when you could call and at least get a start with a live person. Depending on how clever the receptionist was determined how far you could get toward the target individual. Now it is rare to get a live person on the phone even if the company only has 4 people.

    I did find success with a large company by sending a snail mail with the information and pitch I wanted to make to them. The individuals remembered the information and one of them mentioned that he had not had an envelop to open in some time. It is now easier to find the name and physical address of a specific target than it is to find their direct email address (which would probably filter out a new contact anyway)

    • Hi John.

      Valuable comments – thanks.

      I do have 2 current clients both of whom send letters (as you say, via snail mail) to prospects & I then follow up those letters by phone. Are we all rich? No. Does it turn my call from cold to vaguely warm? For sure!

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